Leafing – the final autumn poem

Leafing from clipmedia Film on Vimeo.


December the 1st the meteorological winter start
November 30th’s it’s time to say au revoir

Goodbye to a colorful autumn
And it’s fragrancy of a dying moments
A time we cannot freeze

It’s just the nature’s peace

In my imagination there will be spring soon
With new green in fully moon
Bright day’s and sunny times

But before the winter cry’s
It’s time to say goodbye

To you my leafs I lost this time
To save the nature very fine

Come back again into our eyes
To open the mind of every person

To save you for the reason
That you will save coming seasons.

Stephan Haberzettl, November 30th 2012

The Castle Löwenburg in Kassel
The Castle Löwenburg

This short video is filmed in Kassel/Germany.